Insolvency and Restructuring

Vejmelka & Wünsch provides complex legal advice to creditors, debtors and other subjects in insolvency proceedings and during the restructuring of enterprises; we also provide these services to groups not undergoing insolvency proceedings. Such services include:

  • review of the suitability or necessity to initiate insolvency proceedings
  • representation of companies threatened by insolvency during negotiations with creditors
  • preparation of insolvency motions and notifications of receivables
  • representation at creditors’ meetings and in creditors’ committees
  • representation in incidental disputes
  • preparation of proposals for reorganization and reorganization plans, and advice regarding their implementation
  • analyses of draft contracts from the viewpoint of the risk of insolvency proceedings


Fresenius, HP Pelzer, Chiquita, Petroplus/Marimpex, SIGNUM, Swedish Match

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